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The Clueless Mandrin of La Mancha

nmgolfer © 2009

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mandrin of la mancha

Here you will find mandrin myths debunked.

Who is mandrin you ask? He's a funny little man, legend in his own mind, who found comfort in the arms (and forum) of an arrogant little man. He's a pseudo-golf-scientist that has a penchant for faulty logic and a desperate need to have his ego stroked.

Because the arrogant little man (who we shall call Poncho Sanchez) dutifully protects his pet funny little man (Mandrin of la mancha ~ aka windmill slayer) and will not allow him to be challenged directly (on the forum at that shall remain nameless), this is where you will find windmill slayer's lies exposed (and the truth revealed).

What may you ask can Mandrin of la mancha actually teach us about golf, life and character? Not much.... not much at all other than that computing tools (mathcad etc.) in the hands of the ignorant are less than worthless.

Coming soon... an expose about how the mad one preachs about "letting go" yet he himself clings so tightly (to his own delusions).